2016 (EN)

Meeting in Naples - at the end of the "Capacity Development" session - the Pilotage Comité of the Italian Network ALF with the task of redefining the calendar of General Assembly work and capacity building activities scheduled in Naples on 10 and 11 November 2016.
Eight members (Pica Ciamarra, Capozzi, De Angelis, Greek, Russian, Miceli, Cennamo, Cola Schiamo) participated on 9 with the addition of dr. Enrico Molinaro, legal representative of RIDE.
The latter announced the presence of Min.Pl. Enrico Granara and Khalid Chaouki at the assembly, asking to enter their interventions in the morning session.
The CdP has taken the utmost account, in keeping with the intensive calendar of projects and activities already planned.
The CdP made a first day's budget and the prof. Massimo Pica Ciamarra expressed his appreciation for the harmony and complementarity between the various members present.