2016 (EN)

As part of the work of the General Assembly of the Italian Network ALF, at the request of the RIDE Association - whose members are all part of the Italian Network - a self-managed session was held on the recent developments of the Italian Network and RIDE (in place of 'original General Assembly and the meeting of the Executive Committee originally scheduled).
The legal representative of the RIDE association Dr. Enrico Molinaro and Min. Pl Enrico Granara of the MAECI have illustrated the developments that have taken place in recent months: in particular the Min. Pl Granara has confirmed the particular interest of the MAECI for RIDE and the consideration and support for its activities and its re-launch, under Law 125 of 11.08.2014 and UNAOC activities of the United Nations.
The present members gave rise to a debate that led to the need for independence and freedom of action for the Italian Network and the opportunity for a balanced and established role by the MAECI itself.