2016 (EN)

This meeting was set up in Rome in 1990 after a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Western Mediterranean countries with the aim of establishing a regional cooperation process in the Western Mediterranean.
After many years of interruption this initiative has been relaunched in 2001.
Regional crises and the fight against terrorism and radicalization - as well as actions for youth employment, mobility and migrants - are at the center of the 13th meeting in Marseilles.
On this occasion, a delegation of MED FORUM participants from Malta presented a recommendation on young people and intercultural cities.
For Italy, the leader of the Italian network ALF Michele Capasso and Enrica Miceli took part.
President Michele Capasso had a cordial interview with French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayraultcon, who - when he was the mayor of Nantes - has been carrying out initiatives for the Mediterranean and the youth together with the Fondazione Mediterraneo.
Minister Ayrault shared the recommendation of President Capasso on the need to facilitate cultural mobility for young people in the Mediterranean and reiterated his personal commitment to the Press Conference.