2016 (EN)

The third MED FORUM in ANNA LINDH FOUNDATION (ALF) was held in Malta.
The event brought together more than 600 civil society organizations and organizations, as well as political figures, and intends to be a reference event both for the revival of the Euro-Mediterranean dialogue and for understanding the social impact of the ongoing crisis in Europe , in the Mediterranean and in the world.
The "recommendations" from the various debates, seminars and meetings see in the center the "Cities" as places of intercultural dialogue, the "young" principal actors of a more positive world based on peaceful coexistence and the value of diversity and migrants to be identified in a new narrative no longer as a "problem" in the host countries but as a "resource" capable of producing "value" precisely because they are porters of different cultures, knowledge and skills: this will focus the actions of the ALF.
Also present at the Forum is a large representation of the ALF Italian Network, established in 2004 thanks to the commitment of the Fondazione Mediterraneo and its chairman Michele Capasso.
On this occasion, President Captain Michele Capasso coordinated some workshops dedicated to "positive narrative on migrants", "intercultural cities" and "the role of youth in the peace process".
Among the recommendations were unanimously adopted two proposals by the leader of the Italian Network:

  • Facilitate mobility for young people in the Euro-Mediterranean area through the issue of a "Cultural Passport".
  • To activate the periodic designation of the "MEDITERRANEAN CAPITAL OF YOUTH FOR THE DIALOGUE", with similar methods in place for the "European Capital of Culture".

On this occasion, the High Representative for European Foreign Policy, Federica Mogherini, inaugurated - via video - the new program "VOICES OF YOUTH MEDITERRANEANS" supported by the European Commission, the British Council and the Finnish Government.