2016 (EN)

Gianni, Olimpia, Rubina, Raffaele, Luigi, Nadia, Simone, Ilaria and Amalia are the friends of the "Toledo Pino Daniele Tribute Band": they are mostly Neapolitans transplanted to Rome. All fans, or rather, friends of the musician Pino Daniele to whom they have an indescribable bond.
A day at the Museum was not enough to savour the emotions of emotional itineraries.
Moments of emotion when, in the music room, listening to the most beautiful songs of Pino with the live effect (it seems to be under the stage) the eyes are filled with tears.
And the answer is not delayed: Raffaele, Ilaria and Gianni improvise to the piano Alleria: a way to say even stronger thanks! to the Peace Museum.