2016 (EN)

Deep condolences were expressed by President Michele Capasso on behalf of all the members of the Fondazione Mediterraneo per la morte di Shimon Peres, one of the founders - with Ambassador Shmuel Hadas - of the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Accademia del Mediterraneo based in Naples.
On the occasion of the tenth anniversary, Peres defined the Fondazione Mediterraneo with the Academy as an important cultural instrument for diplomacy.
In recent meetings with President Capasso Peres stressed the importance of promoting, by any means, the POSITIVE that is always present in history, even in dark times. This is in order to prevent young people from falling into desolation without ideals and without hope for the future.
Also following his address, the Foundation has dedicated to Shimon Peres the "Israel Hall" of the Museum of Peace with high definition videowalls that tell the "positive" of Israel and other Mediterranean countries.
The death of Shimon - said President Capasso - leaves a void in the hopes of those who believed in a possible peace, despite the difficulties. The task is now even more difficult because of the lack of benchmarks and comparisons. We remember Shimon in one of the many meetings with the members of our Foundation: from Shmuel Hadas to Claudio Azzolini, from Caterina Arcidiacono to Luciana Stegagno Picchio to Nullo Minissi ".
A delegation from the Fondazione Mediterraneo will be present at funerals on 30 September 2016.