2016 (EN)

Elisabeth Guigou, former Minister of Justice of France, president of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the French National Assembly and president of the “Anna Lindh Foundation”, during the visit to the Museum of Peace - MAMT and the emotional path dedicated to the sculptor Mario Molinari, has expressed great admiration for his works, especially for the joy of life that transpires from its colors. "In a time of history in which all of us, to counteract the negative and terrorism, we should strongly support the positive and what unites us-said Mme Guigou - the teaching of Molinari, sculptor of color, is precious because it makes us understand the Need to share all the colors of life and not just the greys and blacks, represented by tragedies and mourning. The "Totem of Peace" - made in 1995 by the Turin sculptor and diffused throughout the world by the Fondazione Mediterraneo-is the symbol that summarizes the joy of life and the hope of a new resurgence of peace ".