2016 (EN)

The ad was given by Jovanotti who, on his social pages, wrote:
I will soon go to visit the Museum of Peace - MAMT in Naples, conceived and directed by Michele Capasso with the space "Pino Daniele Alive" dedicated to the singer-songwriter who died more than a year ago.
I believe that Pino would be proud of this and would be happy to have a home in the heart of Naples, as well as in the heart of those who love his art,"he commented.
I am excited to think, I don't know, that next winter some school teacher or elementary teacher will accompany his class to discover the Mediterranean and Pine. You know how these days are, memories burn quickly and Pino's music is one of those precious things we have "he concluded.
From July 26,2016 on Jova. Tv it will be possible to see half an hour of the homage to Pino Daniele who, exactly one year earlier, Jovanotti, Eros Ramazzotti and the saxophonist James Senese held on stage of the Stadio San Paolo in Naples, as part of the "Lorenzo nelle Stadi 2015" tour.
"Seeing the entire stadium dancing with tears in the eyes - wrote Jovanotti - is not one of those things that you forget. If you weren't there you can see it, we made' nu burdello' so much that if I still think of it....".