2016 (EN)

President Michele Capasso attended the ceremony that took place in the Church of S. Maria del Parto in Mergellina, which was given, together with the building with annexed tower, in 1529 by Poet Jacopo Sannazaro to the Fathers Servants of Mary.
The church houses the tomb of Sannazaro, which is located behind the altar and was built by the Florentine sculptor Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli, assisted by Francesco Del Tadda, towards the end of 1536. The wooden sculpture of the Madonna and Child was made by Saverio Citarelli in 1865.
The enchantment and magic of the place were enlivened by the musical interludes performed by the Aeolous quartet, composed of Annalisa Freda (traverse flute), Manon Chevalier (Corn), Guido Mandeglia (bundle bandage), Francesco Mennella (clarinet).
The jury is composed of Prof. Francesco D' Episcopo - member of the Fondazione Mediterraneo and president of the jury - Prof. Yvonne Carbonaro, Prof. Grazia Cerino, Dr. Ermanno Corsi and Prof. Aldo De Gioia.