2016 (EN)

It met in Rome, at the headquarters of Uninettuno, the Executive Committee of "RIDE - ITALIAN NETWORK FOR THE EURO-MEDITERRANEAN DIALOGUE - Onlus".
On this occasion the examined were the points on the agenda and proposed operational activities for the next EC meeting.
In particular, the honorary president and legal representative Michele Capasso, again - like repeats at every meeting since October 2014 - called on the Executive Committee members to take action to bring to RIDE a minimum of economic resources. He also invited the Min.Pl. Granara - taking note of the MAE will to allocate resources to RIDE but only "through" association Prospects Mediterranee chaired by Enrico Molinaro - to avoid this procedure because the RIDE without resources (and therefore without an actual budget) is effectively immobilized and prevented the participation of any notice or call.