2016 (EN)

The Mediterranean Observatory on organized crime and the Mafia (OMCOM) - created by the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Fondazione Caponnetto - reiterates the imperative urgency of planning concerted action and shares the dell'OMCOM lines and various documents written on the subject, such as sen. Giuseppe Lumia of 11/16/2015: "Paris the time of projects after anger and fear".
After Paris, Brussels.
The continuing slaughter.
Other families torn apart by grief.
Anger and fear again invade our hearts and our minds.
At each massacre the indignation wave salt.
The more you remain helpless, the more you tergiversa, plus there lingers in half measures, this wave more likely to fall on Europe and do untold damage to our way of thinking and living the everyday life.
It 'time to real and profound choices, systemic and integrated. In essence, the project activity can not wait any longer.
Only then anger and fear can contain and transform into positive energy, capable of attacking the root Islamic terrorism and beat Isis strategy and of all forms of terrorism related to it.
The investment in security and, especially, in culture is no longer be postponed.
The left soon become free from prejudice safety, the right not to think that culture is a luxury for the few.
The measures to be taken in these areas can not be bland to the point of acting as mere "palliatives".
Europe does not want to change its nature must still change itself.
Stand still and be lulled into the idea of ​​being a civilian and democratic continent, passively waiting for the "virus" of terrorism that is battering us walk spontaneously is wishful thinking.
Just think of the limitations that characterize the decisions taken on the issue of immigration is wrong and impractical to abandon those people on the margins of our borders or service without a real reception and integration policy. repeated limits with the agreement made with Turkey.
Who has a terrorist or a criminal profile of life is certainly rejected, others beyond whether they are refugees or not are welcomed in a regulated way.
At the same time it is necessary to intervene in neighborhoods at risk of all the cities of Europe. Attention, we do not think that there is only Molembeek in Brussels where Salah Abdeslam was hidden for months and months.
All cities in Europe have ghetto neighborhoods, some even for several years.
As it is often the case for internal decisions to Europe in foreign policy - to Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, several other countries in Africa, Afghanistan - we have an act contradictory, cynical. Essentially any "strong country" of the European Union is playing his game, even petty, outside of a vision and a common act.
If Isis is the "evil" everything else is solved and stabilized rallying all possible energies.
In short, it is time to act with a strong planning, broad alliances, global visions and with their feet firmly planted in our territories, to change the course of history with intelligence: between tradition and innovation.