2016 (EN)

On World Peace Day, the President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo launched - as a yet another bottle in the ocean - a heartfelt appeal for peace in Syria and Libya, proposing the text published in September 2013 on the occasion of the Euromed Civil Forum Brussels.
Particularly in Libya, President Capasso emphasized the “continuing chaos in the country and the vicious circle which has torn the hopes of dialogue and peace.
“Reads among other things in the text of the statement Capasso - Libya is immersed in a second vicious civil war. The country is divided between two governments that fight for the control of power and oil. In this fight there is a particular fragmentation factor: tribalism. All involved actors - militias, Islamist groups and even the two governments - seek tribal support. However, the impossibility of Libya to become a nation is not due to tribalism but, on the contrary, it is strengthened because the state is totally absent. On the other side, the involvement of countries such as Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt is a further key element, to the point of talking about indirect regional war. "