2015 (EN)

"An unprecedented terrorist attack besieged Paris, less than a year after Charlie Hebdo's massacre, on the night of November 13, 2015. A commando of suicide bombers hit six times in 33 minutes, firing at the crowd, in the street and in the premises, especially among young people who were spending the Friday night out of the house. An attack of unprecedented terrorists in France: at least 129 dead and over 300 wounded, including Italian Valeria Solesin.

A plunder in the heart of Europe that calls for the conscience of all of us to urgent action for dialogue and for peace. "

These were the words of President Michele Capasso right after learning the news of the serious villains attacked.

To President Hollande and all the French friends of the Fondazione Mediterraneo and its networks - Mediterranean Academy, Euromedcity and Almamed - the condolences and closeness of the members of the Foundation and the heads of the various sections.