2015 (EN)

Michle Capasso and Pia Molinari have intervened in the presentation of the volume "I do not hang on, Italy's information that annoys", by Nico Pirozzi.

In the sign of Giancarlo Siani, thirty years of the murder of September 23, 1985, eight journalists told the Pan, the Palace of the Arts in the Thousands of Thousands, their stories of threatened chroniclers, life under escort, daily engagement without heroism, but only to continue reporting the facts.
Their testimonies are collected precisely in this volume edited by Cento Autori.
Among them is the story of Federica Angeli, a reporter for "Repubblica", who wrote about the mafia of the Spada, the cousins ​​of the Casamonica, clinging to the coast of Ostia. "I was intimidated, they knew my children, my habits," he told the Angels. "They had set up a true architecture of terror to distract me from what I wanted to tell, until I was sequestrated in July 2013. From that day I live under protection, and who asks me why I did it, because the answer is always in my children. In them I see those from all over Italy, of an entire community who must understand that they can win the pen, not the gun. "
He was replaced by the testimony of the journalist and blogger Arnaldo Capezzuto who suffered threats to investigate Forcella's clan, the aggressions received by Paolo Borrometi, director of "La Spia" in Ragusa, also a life under escort after the complaint of mafia infiltrations in the municipality of Scicli.
They discussed with them former Procurator of the Republic of Naples Giandomenico Lepore, also author of the preface to the volume, the Assessor Nino Daniele, Ottavio Lucarelli, President of the Order of Campania Journalists, Secretary of the Unitarian Campaign Journalists Campania Armando Borriello, and Alberto Spampinato, director of the Observatory on "Oxygen" Journalistic Information.
Prior to the presentation of the book, Paolo Borrometi met with Capasso and Molinari at the headquarters of the Museum of Peace - MAMT in Naples where he is curator of the section "The memory of emotions".