2015 (EN)

It took place in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation the General Assembly of RIDE: the “Italian Network for Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue” established by the Ministry along with organizations and associations which are involved for years in the building of dialogue and peace in the Euro-Mediterranean space and among them the Fondazione Mediterraneo deserves particular mention.
In this occasion the Assembly appointed, unanimously, the Executive Board which will be on charge until October 2017 and will composed by the following members:

  1. SALVATORE CALLERI, Fondazione Caponnetto
  2. MARISA GARITO, Università Uninettuno
  3. LUIGI DE LUCA, Istituto di Culture Mediterranee
  4. GIOVANNI SERRA, Dignità del lavoro
  5. JANIKI CINGOLI, Centro per la pace in Medio Oriente
  6. FOAD AODI, Amsi
  7. ENRICO MOLINARO, Prospettive Mediterranee