2015 (EN)

Three hundred people coming from different countries and involved in a challenge against the time: to finish in only 150 days the works of requalification and multimedia refunctionalization of MAMT museum, financed partly by the POR FESR 2007-2013.
“It is the twenty five anniversary of the Foundation – affirmed the president Capasso – thanks to which has been possible to realize this Museum of the Emotions. Thanks to the involvement of companies and important cultural and scientific exponents coming from different countries it will be possible to finish the works by the 2015, showing that will is power. And for the moment the operative meetings for the different sections are in course. Yesterday and today, 25 July, Paolo Borrometi and Alessandro Daniele (curator) joined to the meeting of MAMT museum for the sections “Pino Daniele” and “Legality”, about Sergio Pappalettera (multimedia tecnichal director) along with exponents of Italian and foreign industries who joined the works of multimedia requalification.