2015 (EN)

The exhibition will open to public between the 1st and the 21st of June and will host 20 important paintings from the Florence gallery of the Uffizi. The light defeats the shadow put attention on the painting of Neapolitan artists of 1600 or artist bond to Naples in some way of and however “attracted” by the style of Caravaggio: amazing pictures of Artemisia Gentileschi (Saint Caterina of Alexandria), of Luca Giordano (The Charity), of Mattia Preti (Vanity will be in Casal di Principe,) but there will be also contemporary incursions such as works by Andy Warhol in order to show and to value works which today we can find between Naples and Florence.
Along with the magnificent works by these great authors, it will be possible to visit the confiscated places and the excellent products as mozzarella and the wine made in lands confiscated to the mafias, accompanied from the “Ambassadors of the Rebirth”, young guys who live in Casal di Principe and who will tell the good and the bad sides of this earth destroyed but happy to rebirth.
In such way, the exhibition aims at contributing to the daily work of construction of a social and economic alternative for the re-launch of territories which for long time have been destroyed over the years.
“The light defeats the shadow – the Uffizi at Casal di Principe” is look after by Antonio Natali (Director of the Gallery of the Uffizi) and Fabrizio Vona (Director of Apulia Regional Museum Directorate) and will be host near the House of Don Diana, in Via Urano 18 in Casal di Principe, Caserta.
The exhibition is under the high patronage of the Presidency of the Republic and has as sponsor the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Activities, the National Gallery of the Uffizi, the National Museum of Capodimonte, the Royal Palace of Caserta, the Campania Museum of Capua, the Municipality of Casal di Principe.
Also Fondazione Mediterraneo sponsors this initiative.