2015 (EN)

The deans of twelve Universities of the Mediterranean gathered together at Federico II in order to share a scientific, cultural and educational path. They signed an agreement that aims to promote the research and the Lifelong Education. The agreement is the first step in the establishment of MUNA - Mediterranean and Middle East University Network, a net of universities that they cooperate in the field of the pre and post bachelor. Joined to the event the Vice president of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, prof. Caterina Arcidiacono who in her opening speech highlighted the role of the Fondazione Mediterraneo in the promotion of the Networks of Universities: from the creation of “ALMAMED” (Network of 174 Euro-Mediterranean Universities ) to the establishment of RIDE (Italian Network for the Dialogue Euro-Mediterranean), that gathers together the most important Italian Universities working for the cooperation in the Mediterranean. In this occasion she has remembered the link between the University Cadi Ayyad of Marrakech - first seat of the Fondazione Mediterraneo in Morocco - and the First PHD Honoris Causa attribuited by this University to president Capasso on 9th March 2007.