2015 (EN)

The Line 1 of Municipio Square Metro Station – projected by the Portoguese architects Alvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto de Moura - was inaugurated by the ministry for transportation Graziano Delrio and by the mayor Luigi De Magistris. This is the 17˚metro station of linea 1, the project of which started in December 1976. «We are supporters of railway transportation» said Delrio to the mayor announcing a meeting in order to «make the agenda about works».
«We need to improve public transportation in order to decrease the urban mobility» added.
«The metro of Naples is an important national artwork – said De Magistris – and is the result of an important cooperation with the Government. The municipality really supported this project and helped in order to obtain the grants for the completion of the line and the completion of line 6, which has a strategic relevance. When a journalist questioned about the works which started 40 years ago, De Magistris replied saying “ We gave an acceleration and catched up the inactivity».
«Since September – as was stated by the regional assessor of Transportation Sergio Vetrella – the regularity of the trains, for which the Region allocate 78 millions, will be around 8 minutes, and since 2016, with the arrival of new trains, every 4-5 minutes». The expenses for the construction of Station Municipio – according to what was stated by the President of «Società Metropolitana di Napoli», Gian Egidio Silva, which is the director since 1995 – stands at 1 million and 700 million of Euro.
«We will reach the sum of 3 million», added Silva. When questions were asked about the total costs of work and the cost for km, Silva said wasn’t able at the moment to give some data. The line 1 covers little more than 20 km. In order to realise the first 13, 5 km 34 years passed for a cost of 1 miliard and 400 milion of Italian liras for km.
The metro will run since the 2th of June.
In the occasion, as stated by De Magistris will be showed a commemorative stone for Salvatore Renna, a workmen of 41 years old who lost his life after a fall in the construction site of Metro on date 20 September 2014.
The president Michele Capasso remembered the friendship with Alvaro Siza and 15 years–and also the works of reallocation of Fondazione and MAMT museum which start today in order to render Municipio Square, Metro and MAMT something unique in its genre and an heritage of humanity.