2015 (EN)

The President of Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso paid homage to the martyrs of Azerbaijan putting wreaths of flowers. From the diary “Nostro Mare Nostro”, written by president Capasso:

“Baku, 21 May 2015. 10.00. I drop in the Funicular and reached the hill.
The whole area is dedicated to the sad memories of a century of wars and tragedies. The first thing I saw was a recently built mosque in Turkish style: in the background the profiles of the three
“Flame Towers”, flame shaped crystal skyscrapers which in the night are illuminated by lights which reproduce the colours of Azeri flag. There is also a mausoleum in memorial of Ottoman soldiers who lost their lives in the route to Baku during the first world war; their names take place in brass plates under a little half-moon. The arrival of Turks was warmly welcomed by “Azeri” brothers and this is the reason why the gravestone dedicated to English fallens, who came back in the aftermath of Russian advance in order to stop Ottomans, raised not a few polemics. The recent history is not less tragic. In 1990 the red army massacred the protesters in the streets of Baku; their graves can be found in the Martyrs path which goes until the mausoleum in the square which looks to the sea.
Only two years later, in 1992 there was another war towards Armenia in order to take possession of the area of Nagorno Karabakh: the graves of fallens in this conflict can be found in a path surrounded by roses in bloom. In the black marble are printed the pictures of young deads: some of them now would have been younger than me but they are dead since 23 years! Even though for 25 years I spent my life for dialogue and peace, even though I’m aware of the slaughters of Srebrenica, Gaza and other cities, still now, in front of this monuments I don’t think that every nation needs his martyrs, but I reflect about the need of peace and the uselessness of war. Only a warm sunny day can be a consolation for the sorrowing soul. From this hill there is a wonderful view of the city; not taking in account the Vesuvius this city could look alike my Naples, which with Baku is twin city for 43 years. I laugh: now the “Vesuvius” is here, I laugh, while I take a selfie with the panorama thinking about the nickname that some friends of mine gave me some years ago: “VESUVIO”!.
Before the graves there is a group of kids who, silent and with the lowered head, pay homage to the fathers or parents dead in war. The teacher starts a prayer in Azeri language saying that their goal is the peace. Giving a last hug to the kids, keeping in the heart their hopefully eyes I took my way: Baku – Naples”.