2015 (EN)

The meeting between Italian Network FAL and Ambassador Hatem Atallah, new executive director of Anna Lindh Foundation took place in Farnesina. Aim of the meeting was examining the most important issues to Italian Network, with the goal of keep going with the events of ten years anniversary and make real the Italian proposal to host a FAL research centre which can also be used as meeting center for the Foudation’s Consultative Board. The Ambassador Atallah, along with Paul Walton, was welcomed by Min.Pl. Enrico Granara and RIDE Hon. President Michele Capasso.

01. - Amb. Hatem Atallah - ALF
02. - Mr Paul Walton - ALF
03. - Min.Pl. Enrico Granara (MAECI)
04. - Arch. Michele Capasso - RIDE
05. - Dott. Pierpaolo Grezzi (IASEM)
06. - Ing. Giuseppe Papaleo IASEM)
07. - Dott.ssa Gerarda Ventura (Con.Me)
08. - Dr. Foad Aodi (AMSI – COMAI)
09. - Dott.ssa Elena Rossi (AMSI – COMAI)
10. - Dr. Enrico Molinaro (Prospettive Mediterranee – RIDE)
11. - Dr. Federico Daneo (Centro Studi Africani – Torino)
12. - Prof. Claudio Lojacono (Istituto Nallino)