2015 (EN)

The meeting “The contrast to mafia at local, regional and national level took place in the New Hall of the House at the presence of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. The meeting was sponsored by the Anti-mafia Parliamentary Commission. It was the first time that such a meeting, aiming at analysing the situation in the fight to organized criminality in different territorial institutions, was sponsored by the Parliament. Such a need was due to the evolution of mafia power which is showing an outsourcing of criminal interests and a settlement capacity in all Italian regions. Joined the meeting the President of the Parliament Laura Boldrini, and the President of Senate, Piero Grasso. Rosy Bindi, President of Parliamentary Commission Anti-mafia presented the report “The action of public powers in the mafia struggle: the role of Parliamentary Commission”. After, there was a speech about “The action of regional governments” which joined Stefano Caldoro, Campania President Region and Rosario Crocetta, Sicily Region President. The issue “Role of Mayors” has been discussed by the mayors of Reggio Calabria and Milan Giuseppe Falcomatà and Giuliano Pisapia.
The meeting continued in the afternoon at 14:30 when don Luigi Ciotti gave a speech titled “Associations question local and national institutions” which was followed by a discussion among Parliamentary Commission and regional ones. In conclusion there was a speech by Rosy Bindi.
Salvatore Càlleri, Michele Capasso and Pia Molinari joined the meeting in behalf of Fondazione Mediterraneo and Caponnetto Foundation –which gave birth together to “Mediterranean Observatory about Organized Criminality and Mafias”.