2015 (EN)

The Holy Father Francis left by helicopter from Vatican heliport and went to Naples and Pompeii for His Pastoral Visit.

He arrived a few minutes before 8 and He was welcomed in the Meeting Area of Pompeii Shrine by Eminence Mons. Tommaso Caputo, Pompeii Archbishop and Pontifical Delegate for the Shrine, along with the Mayor of the city, Mr. Nando Uliano.
The Holy Father went by car to the Shrine, where he was welcomed by Mons. Pasquale Mocerino. The Pope said the “Little Supplication” in front of the icon of Blessed Virgin Mary of Santo Rosario. Before to take the helicopter in His coming back to Naples, the Pope greeted from the Shrine the devotees present in the square and whom prayed all the night long.

Here you are the Pope’s words:

Thank you so much for your warm welcome. We all prayed Virgin Mary in order to let her bless all of us: me, you and the whole world. We need Her to put an eyes on you. And I invite you to pray for me, don’t forget it. Now I invite you to say a Hail Mary to the Virgin Mary and after I’ll bless you.