2015 (EN)

The president of Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso –here in Paris, where he joined to anti terrorism march –commemorated his friend Pino Daniele, recently passed away.
«A human river which was screaming “Je suis Charlie”and old, timeless words Freedom, Brotherhood, Equality - declares- while I was marching, as I was catched by an uncontrollable desire, I asked to a group of friends of Fondazione Mediterraneo - French, Spanish, Moroccans, Tunisian, Jordans and Portogues whom are supporting us for 25 years- to stop. I’ll take the pencil – symbol of this freedom day and I start to write on a sheet of paper: Parigi è mille culure; Parigi è senza paure; Parigi è ‘a voce de’ criature ca vonno ‘a libertà, e mò ‘o sai ca nun si sulo; Parigi è ‘nu sole doce; Parigi è addore ‘e pace; guagliù scetateve do’ suonno ca’ ce vede tutto ‘o munno, nui vulimme ‘a libertà» which in English means: Paris is one thousand colours; Paris has no fears; Paris is the children’s voice whom want freedom, and now you are aware you are not alone, Paris is a warm sun, Paris is a peace scent; guys wake up, the whole world is staring at us, we are looking for freedom».
The president Capasso acted as a choral director , and Pino Daniele, lived again in Paris.: the best way to commemorate him in behalf of freedom and peace.