2014 (EN)

Fondazione Mediterraneo, one of the best “Friends” of Nunziatella Military School, appointed with “Mediterranean Award” and with “Totem of Peace” of Molinari – is supporting the well known Institute in this new phase of European re-launch.
Starting with Claudio Azzolini and concluding with the dear departed Vittorio di Pace – dean at the age of 106 years and Nunziatella’s symbol, as well as founder of our Fondazione – “Nunziatella dunks its roots in our Foundation.
This year vow was special for Nunziatella Military School in Naples. In Plebiscito Square, swearing their loyalty to the country there were the young cadets of 227˚ class. But the happiness in the heart of Naples was quadruple. Beside celebrating the solemn oath, the date will be historically important for “Nunziatella” and the city of Naples because marks a new era: after the ceremony has been signed an agreement among Minister of Defence, Minister of Internal Affairs, the Italian Public Property Agency and Naples and its municipality for the concession of barraks Bixio to Nunziatella. Joined to the ceremony ministries Pinotti, Alfano and members of Fondazione Mediterraneo.