2014 (EN)

After Turin was held in Naples the Second Regional Meeting of Step 6 of the Italian Network ALF.
The Faro Convention was a guest of the Italian Network Anna Lindh in Naples at the regional meeting convened Monday, March 31 at 10:30 am at the Fondazione Mediterraneo. The meeting for the members from the regions of south-central, followed by homologous realized in Turin on March 24.
Dr. Guest. Alberto D'Alessandro, director of the Council of Europe in Italy, based in Venice. "Venice, in fact - said dr. D'Alessandro - from 2011 hosts the only Italian headquarters of the Council of Europe, the oldest European institution, which now has 47 member countries, founded in 1949 with the aim of developing a reflection on the issues of democracy and human rights and strengthen the sense of European citizenship. The choice of the lagoon city was not random: in Venice was in fact already in the "Venice Commission", a reality that brings together experts in the constitutional law of no less than 58 countries, called to make non-binding with respect to the application of different constitutions and recently has offered technical assistance to Morocco and Tunisia for the drafting of a new constitution following the Arab Spring".