2014 (EN)

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of his death, he was assigned to the memory of Don Peppino Diana the "Mediterranean Award for the legality Raffaele Capasso" and the title of "Ambassador of the United States of the World".
On this occasion, present the family of Don Peppino Diana and representatives of the "Diana Don Committee" led by Renato Natale and Valerio Taglione, has been traced the human experience of the priest - a symbol of the fight against crime and the mafia. Were screened movies, and trailers of fiction "for the sake of his people ."
Present at the ceremony, the President of FM Michele Capasso, Vice-President Caterina Arcidiacono, the institutional relationship manager Claudio Azzolini, responsible and creative young Pia Molinari, the Min.Pl. Enrico Granara representing the RIDE and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Mayor of Procida Vincenzo Capezzuto with President Luigi Muro, the mayor of Furore Raffaele Ferraioli with the City Council to complete and members of the networks of the Mediterranean Foundation.