2013 (EN)

The president of Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso delivered the Totem of peace and legality by the great sculptor Mario Molinari in the hands of State’s secretary Gian Carlo Venturini and Giuseppe Maria Morganti, at the presence of Italian Ambassador in San Marino Barbara Bregato.
“It represents– declared Capasso – the acknowledgment of the path done by San Marino in these years.
A symbolic challenge they are trying to win here. For the first time the Molinari’s Totem of Peace – which started its way some years ago – represents both peace and legality. It is a very strong symbol which after Ban-Ki Moon goes to the Repubblic of Titano”. For now it has been given a Totem miniature and the real one will be placed in the next few months on the Titano, after the individuation to the best spot for its collocation.