2013 (EN)

The President of Palestine Mahmūd Abbās (Abū Māzen) received a gift from President Michele Capasso during his visit to the Fondazione Mediterraneo. The copy of the “Tricolour Totem for Peace” by Mario Molinari, was specially made for the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy.
A numerous Palestinian delegation attended the ceremony led by the Palestinian Ambassador to Italy, Sabri Ateyehe, the Head of Palestinian Negotiations (former spokesman to Yasser Arafat) Saeb Erekat as well as ministers, diplomats and advisers to Abū Māzen.

Members of the Fondazione Mediterraneo spoke at the ceremony together with delegations from various countries including diplomats and representatives from cultural, scientific, political, religious and military authorities from different countries as well as Mayors who support the “Totem for Peace” (author Mario Molinari).


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Appeals of the Fondazione Mediterraneo for Palestine

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