2013 (EN)

At the XVIIIth edition of the Epiphany Concert held at the Teatro Mediterraneo in Naples on 4January 2013, the Fondazione Mediterraneo awarded the 2013 “Medal of Honour” Mediterranean Award to the Istituto Professionale per i Servizi Sociali "Morvillo Falcone" in Brindisi in memory of Melissa Bassi who was savagely killed. Headmistress of the Institute, Rosanna Maci, expressed her gratitude for the award and his personal admiration for the activities of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, which had been shown through the support given to the construction of the Totem for Peace in Brindisi and dedicating it to Melissa Bassi.

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The IPSS "Morvillo Falcone" di Brindisi

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