2012 (EN)

The Fondazione Mediterraneo was one of the partners at the 6th World Urban Forum, collaborating in particular with the Women’s Assembly and the Youth Assembly.

For this occasion, the Fondazione Mediterraneo organized and held other international events to further strengthen the international standing of the City of Naples.

The WUF Programme

The Fondazione Mediterraneo brochure for the WUF

Special Edition of the Mediterranean Award

The “Lawful and Safe Cities” Programme

The Youth Assembly

Interview by President Michele Capasso IT ENG

The Women’s Assembly

The Round Table on Women

The Press

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Video TGR Campania

1. Gender Equality Action Assembly Programme.pdf.zip

2. UN-Habitat substantive priority areas

3. World Urban Campaign.zip

4. I'm a City Changer.zip

5. UN-Habitat - Our Urban Change.zip



The Press