2012 (EN)

The Naples Chapter of the AFCEA celebrates its 50th anniversary since its foundation by signing an agreement with the Fondazione Mediterraneo for the establishment of an “Air Traffic Cyber Security School”.
Naples was the capital of cyber security for two days with the “Cyber Security Conference and Challenge”.
The event, organised by the Afcea (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association) Naples Chapter together with the Fondazione Mediterraneo, included the participation of 80 international guests from both the armed forces and civil society, who came together to discuss the problems relating to cyber security.
“This was a great achievement for Naples”, explained President Capasso, “which was the centre of an international scientific conference for two days”.
At the conclusion of the event, the president and vice president of the AFCEA Naples Chapter were elected, - Giuseppe Marani and Dario Nicolella, respectively.
The conference was attended by the President of the AFCEA International, Kent Schneider and General Gregory Brundidge (US European Command) in addition to the US company Cisco, the University of Glasgow, Enea, Formez Italia and Eurocontrol.

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Chapter Celebrates 50th Anniversary