2011 (EN)

The long journey of the Tricolored Totem for Peace continues: from Rabat to Turin, from Malta to Fez, from Coazze to Naples.

During the inauguration of the Tricolored Totem for Peace in Turin on May 4, between Corso Lecce and Corso Regina Margherita, it took place a symbolic passing of the baton from the hands of the President of the Parliament of Morocco Abdelwahed Radi and of the Mayor of Pescasseroli Nunzio Finamore to those of the Mayor of Turin Sergio Chiamparino.

The mayors of many towns of Piedmont and other cities where the work by Mario Molinari will be realized were present: Coazze May 8 2011, Naples May 20 2011, Malta June 16 2011, and so on... the long journey of the red sail for peace continues.