2011 (EN)

The ceremony of inauguration of the “Totem of Peace” by the sculptor Mario Molinari was held at Thermae Pausilya (Pausilya Thermal Baths).
Among those present - with Giovanni, Mario and Antonella Morra – the of Southern Italy Harbour Master Admiral Picone, the president of the Tribunal of Naples Carlo Alemi, the mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris, the vice president of the Province of Naples Gennaro Ferrara, the secretary general of the Port Authority Emilio Squillante, the secretary general of UCOI Michele di Gianni, the president of Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso with Pia Molinari - responsible for the project “Totem of Peace across the World” - and Claudio Azzolini – responsible for institutional relations -, professors Marco Salvatore and Dauphin Colemann, Emanuele and Luciana Vittorio, Rosario Bianco, the consuls of Venezuela, Malta, Albania, Cyprus, Pakistan and other representatives of the diplomatic and consular corps.
The totem was blessed by Don Antonio from the Church of Santa Maria del Parto, with a particularly touching ceremony.

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