2011 (EN)

It took place, between 20 to 23 october 2011, the X ALF National Networks Leaders Meeting. From Fondazione Mediterraneo, member of Italian Network, joined the President Michele Capasso and Pia Molinari, board member and person in charge for the area “Youngs” and “Creativity”. In this occasion has been discussed:

- Aims and Strategies 2012-2015
- Budget 2012
- Network’s Development

Discussion topic has been also the “Arab Spring” and the role which National Networks have to cover.

The meeting has been opened by Union For Mediterranean General Secretary Amrani which stressed Alf and his networks importance.
The President Michele Capasso and Pia Molinari proposed to realise a joint action – shared by Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian, French Networks and Lybian Exponent, in order to give voice to youngs from Mediterranean South Shore.

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