2011 (EN)

The Fondazione Mediterraneo will take part in the States General of Culture.

Looking towards its appointment at the States General of Culture, scheduled for Rome on 3-4 December, the Democratic Party of Turin, in collaboration with the DP Group for the City and Province, is rallying forces to promote an important occasion on which to compare and exchange experiences with the vast and multifarious world of culture offered in Turin. The assembly is proposing to capitalize on the experiences and opportunities from the diversified cultural horizon of the City of Turin and Municipalities of its Province to keep culture alive in times of cuts and crisis by bringing together numerous people from the whole territory: directors, representatives of associations and foundations, and people working in the sector. Moreover, this meeting in Turin represents an opportunity to consolidate a new alliance bringing together the driving forces of society, forming a pact capable of offering prospects and injecting impetus into the many forms of energy that have lent expression to such a great season. This has increased the appeal of our territory and given it a new identity. The States General of Culture meeting in Turin on 19 November can be seen as a genuine incubator for ideas and a stimulus towards the construction of a model for alternative development. Hence culture will be a catalyst for development and employment, laying down the cardinal points for a Government proposal allowing the Country to hoist itself out of the economic and moral decline into which it has sunk.