2011 (EN)

The International jury of the Fondazione Mediterraneo – made up of representatives from 43 countries – has awarded the “2012 Mediterranean Award for Institutions” to the “Nunziatella” Military School in Naples.

The announcement of this acknowledgment - considered as one of the most prestigious prizes throughout the world - was made by the president of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, Prof. Michele Capasso, on 19 November 2011, at a ceremony to celebrate 224 years since the foundation of the Military School.
“It is a special award - stated Capasso – a tribute to Italy and to one of its most prestigious institutions: the “Nunziatella” Military School, founded in 1787 as a Royal Military Academy, which is part of the world’s heritage for the values it disseminates and for the high level of education it gives to young people who will become the “architects” of our future”.
During our interview with the Commander of the School, Colonel Bernardo Barbarotto, the ex-presidents of the National Association of the Former Pupils of “Nunziatella”, Giuseppe Catenacci and Alessandro Ortis, Engineer, and the President of the “Nunziatella” Charity Foundation, Prof. Antonio Perna, the question of how to make this award was discussed. During the meeting, Prof. Capasso confirmed that the Fondazione Mediterraneo supported the inclusion of the “Nunziatella” Military School in the UNESCO list of Intangible Heritage of Humanity, and would award the monumental work entitled, “Peace Totem”, by the sculptor Molinari, to the School on the occasion of its 225th anniversary.

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