The Federazione Anna Lindh Italia, not-for-profit, shares the aims of the Anna Lindh Foundation: created in 2004 by the European Commission together with the 42 Euro-Mediterranean countries.
The Federation's objective is to promote, support and implement the cultural and social interaction between Italy and the Euro-Mediterranean countries in various fields of action including: art, architecture, archaeology, environment, crafts, youth, women, human rights, migrants, crafts, employment, training, education, education, childhood, sports, interreligious dialogue, legality, music, food culture, empowerment, tradition, tourism, social solidarity, exchanges.
In particular, the Federation intends to implement initiatives in favour of young people, especially aimed at restoring their hope and confidence through the promotion of the "true",the "beautiful" and the "good”

The 4th edition of LAMPEDUSA in FESTIVAL, the event that for the second year in a row has had the privilege of receiving the medal of honor from the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano as a representation prize and that has been selected by the UNAR (National Anti-Discrimination Office for Racial Discrimination) as a good practice against racism, has recorded an important participation in terms of spectators, witnessing a strong focus on the proposed events, which has brought on the island, as well as journalists and experts in the field, a different type of tourist: international and attentive to social and cultural issues.
The event was supported by the Italian Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation for dialogue between cultures, as part of the "Joint Action"..



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The Anna Lindh Foundation has launched its scheme together with all related documentation for Joint Actions under Step 5.


Anna Lindh Foundation
Network Strategic Development Scheme (NSDS)
Step 5 – Common Actions

Call for Applications now open!

In the framework of the NSDS Programme, the Anna Lindh Foundation has the pleasure to open a Call for Applications for Common Actions for members of your Network.

What is the Network Strategic Development Scheme?
The Network Strategic Development Scheme (NSDS) is a mechanism designed by the Foundation to support the Networks in their mission by entrusting member organisations the conception and implementation of actions at national and local level.

What is a Common Action?
Common Actions can be defined as a single activity or as a programme of several actions built upon the social and cultural diversity specific to each country and implemented by a consortium (partnership) of members from the same ALF National Network.
A common action can be: a festival, an artistic event and production; a publication; an exchange scheme; an awareness raising/advocacy campaign; a training/ capacity building activity; production of a toolkit; a roundtable, a conference, a seminar, a workshops or a Forum.

Who can apply?
In order to be eligible to apply, the  Common Action Leader must be a member of one of the 42 ALF National Networks; and must build a “consortium” (partnership) by involving a minimum number of 15 member organisations of the same ALF Network in the design and implementation of the proposed Common Action.

Size of grant/Budget:
25,000 EUR
In principle, and based on the resources available, the ALF Secretariat intends to finance one Common Action in each country.

Duration of implementation:
Start of Common Action activities (and eligibility of costs): 15 June 2012
Deadline for Reporting (narrative and financial): 31 July 2013

Deadline to apply:
Deadline to receive applications is Tuesday 15 May 2012 at 16:00 Egyptian Time.
The application package including Application Form and Budget should be sent by email (in Word and Excel format respectively) to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

More information:
For more information please read the attached Guidelines. Should you have any requests for clarifications, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

1) Common Actions Guidelines
2) Application Form (Annex 1)
3) Budget Form (Annex 2)