The  “Federazione Anna Lindh Italia Onlus” with rete “ Euromedcity” has participated to the meeting of “ C40” network which gather the Mayors of main global metropolis. Joined to the meeting of Paris – which was held at Hotel de Ville, historic seat of the Parisian common on the shores of the Seine- also the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala.
Twelve majors world cities, including Milan, want to become territories without fossil fuels within 2030. In occasion of the Mayors summit of the network C40- together4Climate- in Paris, the mayor of the French capital, Anne Hidalgo ( president of the network) with the others of Milan, London, Barcelona, Quito, Vancouver, Mexico City, Copenhagen, Seattle, Cape Town, Los Angeles and Auckland signed a path which are committed to transforming a “ important part” of their cities, in territories progressively greener and healthier with an important part with zero emissions.
United against pollution, then, the mayors of forty of the world’s great metropolises have confronted concretely on how to improve air quality and the ambient.  During this two days of work, started yesterday, the mayors met the managers of several multinational companies to find solution against climate change.  After the leaving of USA by Donald Trump from climate agreement of Paris (Cop21),  The objective of the first citizens of the world’s great metropolises it’s to demonstrate to go ahead anyway for a better planet.