Was held at Venice from 24 May 25, 2013 at the General Assembly of the Italian network ALF.
The Executive Director attended Andreu Claret, the co-ordinators Michele Capasso, Roberto Russo and Elisa Adorno, pl. Stefano Queirolo Palmas of MAE, the parliamentarian Khalid Chaouki and some members of the network.
After the greetings, the Executive Director of the Foundation “Anna Lindh” Andreu Claret was illustrating the next of the ALF guidelines.
Are then examined various proposals including one to concentrate available resources on a few useful initiatives to implement communication – especially through new social media – and the increased participation of the members of the network.
Of particular interest was the session devoted to the "capacity building" coordinated by the Deputy Director of ANSA Carlo Gambalonga and dedicated to the new media, the Internet and education.
Members present unanimously requested that in the next Step 7 of the Anna Lindh Foundation was assured such an experience in association with the General Assemblies, in order to allow new participants members to introduce themselves and to weave synergies and exchanges of experiences with other members.
The Executive Director Claret, the network leader Capasso and coordinators Russo and Adorno have undertaken to enter into a three-year program of activities that required action by members.