Paolo Borrometi - 2015
Giornalista (AGI), ITALIA

Paolo Borrometi, laureato in giurisprudenza, è giornalista dell’Agenzia Giornalistica Italia (AGI).
Da tempo Borrometi, per il suo impegno contro la criminalità organizzata, è costretto a vivere sotto scorta, con costanti e continue minacce.
Ha affrontato il tema delle infiltrazioni mafiose in una parte della Sicilia che si credeva essere una "isola felice": la provincia di Ragusa. Ha creato un organo di informazione indipendente - - contro tutte le mafie. Si è occupato di diversi casi scomodi che nessuno ha affrontato come i rapporti tra clan siciliani e calabresi.
Per questi motivi gli viene conferito il “Premio Mediterraneo Raffaele Capasso per la legalità 2015”.

La remise du Prix
San Marino, 16 luglio 2015

to the memory of Don Giuseppe Diana - 2014
Parroco, ITALY

Diana Joseph was born in Casal di Principe, near Aversa, from a family of landowners. Become ecclesiastical assistant of the Group Scout Aversa and later assistant to the sector Foulard White . Since September 19, 1989 pastor of the parish of St. Nicholas of Bari in Casal di Principe, his native country. Don Peppino Diana tries to help people in times made ​​difficult by the Camorra , in the years of absolute rule of the boss Francesco Schiavone, known as Sandokan .

At 7:25 March 19, 1994 , on his feast day , Giuseppe Diana is killed in the sacristy of the church of St. Nicholas of Bari in Casal di Principe, and is preparing to celebrate the holy mass. A killer confronts him with a gun : Don Peppe Diana died instantly. The murder , pure mold of the Camorra, a sensation throughout Italy. A message of condolence is pronounced by Pope John Paul II during the Angelus. The most well-known writing of Don Peppe Diana is the letter for the sake of my people will not keep silent, a document released at Christmas of 1991 in all the churches of Casal di Principe and Aversa: a manifesto commitment against the criminal system.

On 25 April 2006, in Casal di Principe, the Committee was officially born Don Peppe Diana in order to not forget the martyrdom of a priest who died for the sake of his people. It was established in 2003 thanks to organizations active in the social, including: Agesci Campania, associations Peace School Don Peppe Diana, Jerry Essan Masslo , Project Continents, Omnia non-profit organization, Legambiente and the cooperative social circle Ager Solesud non-profit organization. On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of his death, the Mediterranean Foundation attributes this recognition to the memory of Father Giuseppe Diana and all the organizations of the Committee Don Peppe Diana.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples ,14 march 2014

Fondazione Antonino Caponnetto - 2013

For its activities in disseminating the principles of legality against any form of organized crime or criminal activity, especially in school and among young people.
The Fondazione Antonino Caponnetto continues to apply the principles adopted by the renowned judge throughout his life and work by promoting initiatives and publications focusing on young people and preparing them to become the protagonists of the future based on the principles of sobriety, solidarity and deeply rooted in legality at all levels of society.


Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 04 January 2013

Pietro Grasso - 2012
Head of the National Anti-Mafia Directorate

To Pietro Grasso for their continued commitment to life against the Mafia from his work as associate judge in the maxi trial instructed by Anthony Caponnetto, continued by his work as Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of Palermo, culminating in chairing the National Anti-Mafia Directorate and that led him to defend the legality of daily engaging in anti-mafia summits organized by the “Foundation Caponnetto”.

Awarding Ceremony
Gaeta, 04 February 2013

Don Luigi Ciotti - 2012
"Libera. Associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafie"

"Libera. Associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafie" (Free Associations, Names and Statistics against the Mafia) was established on 25 March 1995 with the aim of calling on civil society to combat the mafia and promote legality and justice. At present, Libero brings together more than 1600 associations, social groups and grass roots organizations committed to developing cultural and political and organizational synergies capable of disseminating a culture of legality. The laws on the social uses of property confiscated from the mafia, education in democratic lawfulness, the commitment to fighting corruption, the sectors for vocational training to combat mafias, projects for work and development and measures to combat usury are  just some of the commitments undertaken by Libera. Libera is recognized as an association that promotes social aims by the Ministry of Social Welfare. In 2008, Eurispes considered it one of Italy’s top organizations.
Don Luigi Ciotti, an anti-mafia activist, is the coordinator of Libera. His work aims to make the essential social and cultural progress required to eradicate mafia phenomena and every form of injustice, illegality and criminal activities.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 06 January 2012

to the memory of Angelo Vassallo - 2010
Mayor of Pollica, ITALY

The first “Raffaele Capasso” Mediterranean Award for Legality has been granted to the memory of the mayor of Pollica Angelo Vassallo, barbarously killed on September 5 th 2010. This award means to remember the commitment of Angelo Vassallo who, by his work, was able to represent the force of comprehension with a message of nobility and courage in difficult areas.

Awarding Ceremony
San Sebastiano al Vesuvio, 18
September 2010