Education and Training

A meeting, discussion and presentation regarding the contents of the seminar which took place at the Fondazione Mediterraneo in February 2010, later producing the volume "Ricerca Interculturale e trasformazioni sociali" (Edizioni Melagrana 2010) was organised by the Central Rome secretariat of CGIL trades union in central, Angela Ronga.
Caterina Arcidiacono, vice president of the Fondazione Mediterraneo oversaw the publication of the volume and coordinated the work for the meeting of 30th November at the Rome branch of CGIL. An address by Stefano D´Alterio (Segretary Generale CGIL Roma Centro) and conclusions by Silvia Ioli (Segretary Generale CGIL Roma e Lazio ) framed the event which also saw the participation of Bruno Mazzara (Professor of Social Psychology, Università Sapienza, Roma), Jean Bilongo (Flai, CGIL Caserta), Serena Dinelli (psycologist and columnist???) and numerous representatives of CIGL as well as members of Incoparde, the Laboratory of the Department of Relational Sciences at the Federico II University of Naples.

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