Since the beginning Fondazione Mediterraneo payed attention to the promotion of cultural dialogue among the Euro-Mediterranean Countries, in particular, to all those artistic forms that become instrument for dialogue: the music is one of them. 
Different identities and different cultures met and join together thanks to the music.

Since 1996 the Fondazione collaborates with the Franciscan Ceter Oltre il Chiostro in the organization of the Epiphany Concert which is aired every year on the 6th of January on Rai Uno and on Rai International.

Since 2004 the Fondazione is promoting all aver the world the Euro-Mediterranean Concert for Dialogue among Cultures, with great success. The Concerts in Cairo, Otranto, Naples, Rome, Cosenza, Cairo (Pyramids), Luxembourg, Barcelona, Algiers, Gaeta and Naples (Teatro di San Carlo) saw the participation of many Euro-Mediterranean artists and performers.

The Mediterranean Award matches with both Concerts.

The 15th Edition of the Festival of World Sacred Music, took place in Fez from the 29th of May to the 6th of June 2009.
The event is part of the cultural, artistic and spiritual tradition of the city.

In 2001 the Festival of Fez was designed by O.N.U. as one of the most important event that contributed to the diffusion and promotion of the dialogue among civilizations.

For this occasion Fondazione Mediterraneo assigned the Mediterranean Award "Special Edition"  2009  to the Festival of World Sacred Music of Fez, bestowed to the President Mohammed Kabbaj.

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