It took place in Gaeta, part of the Yacht Med Festival, the thirteenth edition of the "CONCERT FOR THE EURO-MEDITERRANEAN DIALOGUE BETWEEN CULTURES: SOUNDS OF PEACE", in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Latin America, the European Union and the RIDE - Italian Network for Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue.
On this occasion, Eugenio Bennato, Pietra Montecorvino and the Tunisian M'Barka Ben Taleb suggested contamination of Mediterranean music that involved the audience.
The Concerto is dedicated to the "TOTEM OF PEACE": the monumental work of the sculptor Mario Molinari that match right from Gaeta in 2010, is spreading throughout the world.
For the Fondazione Mediterraneo intervened Simone Pedrelli Carpiche with the President of the CCIIA Latina Zottola, recalled the significance of the Totem of Peace.