IX Meeting of the ALF Heads of National Networks

SThe 9th meeting of ALF National Networks Heads was held in Brussels, from 2nd through 4th December 2010.

President Michele Capasso and the assistant to network coordination Piera Raimondi were present on behalf of Fondazione Mediterraneo, head of the Italian Network.

The subjects discussed on that occasion were the following:
- Objectives and Strategies 2011-2014
- Budget 2011
- Network development

One of the subjects was the ALF Report presented in Rome on 25th November 2010.

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Meeting of the Presidency of the Jury of the Euromed Award

The Jury of the Euromed Award met in Brussels to decide the theme for the year 2011 and the choise was "Acting for social inclusion of migrants and minorities - Agir pour l´inclusion sociale des migrants et des minorités"
It was also decided the composition of the Presidency of the Jury for the 2011: Fondazione Mediterraneo, Anna Lindh Foundation, Poland, France, Romania, Denmark, Lebanon, Algeria and Palestine.

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The city of Turin celebrates Mario Molinari

The City Council of Turin decided to put a commemorative plaque remembering the artist Mario Molinari on the facade of the building in Via Saluzzo where he used to live and work.

Born in Coazze in 1930 and dead in Turin on the 27th of november 2000, he began his career exposing at the Galleria Gian Ferri in Milan and at the Wolford Gallery in New York. He is one of the founders of the surrealistic group "Surfanta". He was a pioneer of Luci d´Artista, an eclectic man rich of multifaceted expressions. In his artistic research the constant metamorphose of materials, shapes and thoughts is relevant.

Some of his permanent monumental works,among which the "Totem for Peace", are exposed in several places such as the Frais Church (Chiomonte), Garambois Square (Oulx), Bruges harbor (Belgium), Mauriziano Hospital, Abruzzo Park, Cilento Park, Vesuvio Park.

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Presentation of the Report on Intercultural Trends of the Anna Lindh Foundation

The presentation of the “Report on Intercultural Trends” made by the Anna Lindh Foundation, for which the network head in Italy is the Fondazione Mediterraneo, was made in the Sala Mappamondo of the Chamber of Deputies.

Moderated by Giacomo Filibeck there were speeches by the President of the Chamber of Deputies Gianfranco Fini, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Franco Frattini, the head of the Democratic Party’s “Forum Esteri” Piero Fassino, by Giuseppe Pisanu and by the Director of the Anna Lindh Foundation Andreu Claret. In his speech Mr. Claret expressed public appreciation of the Fondazione Mediterraneo for its masterful role in coordinating the Italian network and for its President, Michele Capasso.
Politicians, members of the Italian Network and the ambassadors of the main Euromediterranean countries were present in the hall.

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Mediterranean Award "Poetry" - 2018
to the Israeli Poets

On the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the 30th Anniversary of the Mediterranean Foundation, the International Committee has deliberated the award of the Mediterranean Award 2018 in favor of all the Israeli poets engaged in the promotion of a culture of peace.
The award will be presented in Israel during an important event.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 11 november 2018

Premio Mediterraneo "Poesia" - 2017
alla memoria di
L. Ron Hubbard
Scrittore Statunitense, USA

Nessun'altra forma d'arte comunica la veduta personale di L. Ron Hubbard sul mondo come lo fanno le sue poesie e le sue parole, avendo egli scritto versi nel corso di tutta la sua vita. Nella sua gioventù e negli anni newyorkesi come durante i suoi viaggi in mare la sua ricerca si è innalzata verso più elevati stati spirituali. Mediante l’opera Dichiarazione di Pace, L. Ron Hubbard ha gridato al mondo intero il suo appello per un sogno di Pace su questo pianeta e mediante il progetto Città Internazionale - da creare nel Nord Africa - ha offerto una visione della Pace tra le nazioni. La Fondazione degli Amici di Ron, sulla scorta di quanto L. Ron Hubbard ha desiderato e fatto in vita per gli scrittori e poeti in erba, ha istituito il “Premio Poetico degli Amici di Ron”, capace di avvicinare e dialogare con centinaia di poeti di tutto il mondo, alimentando le ispirazioni di spiriti liberi.

La Cerimonia di Assegnazione
Napoli, 17 novembre 2017

Calls for Proposals 2010 (EN)

The "Anna Lindh" Foundation follows its mission granting funds to the organizations of the civil society through Call for Proposals. Aiming at choosing the best initiatives, the Calls for Proposals focus on very important topics of ALF.

Call for Proposals 2010
The context of this year Call for Proposals: "Cities, Migrants and Diversity".

Deadline to submit: 1st of November 2010 at 4.00 p.m. (Egyptian Time - GMT+2).

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The Totem for Peace, an Occasion of Rapprochement for Israel and Palestine

Mario Molinari’ s red sail becomes an occasion of rapprochement for Israelis and Palestinians.
For the first time, during the inauguration of the Totem for Peace in Rabat, the Delegations of Israeli and Palestinian Parliaments met to deepen the strategies aiming at ensuring peace in that troubled region.
In particular, the President of Knesset Reuven Rivlin discussed with President Michele Capasso the existing difficulties and confirmed the absolute necessity of a path to peace through the existence of two Peoples within two States.

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President Radi Receives a Presentation Copy of the Book on Molinari’s Work

The President of the Chamber of Representatives of the Kingdom of Morocco Abdelwahad Radi received from Jacopo Molinari and Alessandra Pertusati the book on the work of Mario Molinari: sculptor of colour and author of the Totem for Peace.

"I warmly thank for this precious present - President Radi said - which is evidence of the monumental work of a great sculptor who was able to represent plastically the values of friendship, joy, fraternity and peace".

Jacopo Molinari thanked, stressing the particular importance of the words of President Radi on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the sculptor’s death.

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Euromed Award 2010 (EN)

The theme for this edition is "Bringing people together for ecological sustainability".

All the organizations members of the 43 Countries of the Union of the Mediterranean were invited to nominate individuals or organizations which carried out actions related to the subject of the award.

IThe winner for this year's edition is ECOPEACE Friends of the Earth Middle East, a unique organization that brings together Jordanian, Palestinian, and Israeli environmentalists.

Awarding Ceremony
Brussels, 3 December 2010

Euromed Award 2009 (EN)

The theme chosen for this year's edition is "Intercultural Dialogue for Peace and Coexistence".

All the organizations of the 43 Countries that are members of the Union for the Mediterranean were invited to nominate individuals and organizations which carried out actions connected with the theme proposed.

Combatants for Peace is the winner of the Euromed Award 2009, bestowed on September 21st in Stockholm, on the occasion of the Forum "Restore Trust, Rebuild Bridges", organized by Anna Lindh Foundation and Fondazione Mediterraneo.
Combatants for Peace is a civil movement jointly established by Palestinian and Israeli individuals, it has gained recognition for promoting a peaceful and right solution to the conflict through dialogue and non-violent means.

History in Action, a group of 55 transnational and inter-ethnic team of historians and history educators from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia who succeeded in overcoming ethnic, religious, linguistic divisions in order to elaborate a common history textbook for the region, received a special mention.

Awarding Ceremony
Stockholm, 21st September 2009