Massimo Milone visits the Maison de la Paix

The Director of RAI 3’s Campania News, Massimo Milone, visited the site of the Maison de la Paix expressing a lively appreciation of the activities carried out and, in particular, for the Totem for Peace.

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Conference “Mediterranean Destiny”

The President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, Michele Capasso, held a conference entitled "Mediterranean Destiny" at the Royal Hotel in Naples, organised by the Rotary Club of Naples 1924.

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Presentation of the book ”Nostro Mare Nostro”

The presentation of Michele Capasso’s book "Nostro Mare Nostro" took place in the main hall of the Da Procida Scientific High School. In attendance there were the Governor of Rotary, teachers and students who showed unanimous appreciation of Michele Capasso’s commitment to the cause of peace. In particular, the students declared that “they had had an emotional experience, that had made a positive mark on their learning pathway”.

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Jubilee for Naples: the opening of the first gate

The first of the four gates of the city of Naples has been opened. Porta San Gennaro, the oldest gate according to tradition, reopened, restored, on the day dedicated to the Jubilee for Naples, following an initiative of Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, for the renaissance of the city. “It is the gate of sharing, of solidarity - said Pepe - we are opening the gate to let in justice, to reconsign Naples to its inhabitants in the vestages of civil cohabitation”.

After the opening of Porta San Gennaro, the simulacrum of which was made in papier-maché by children from Procida, a long torchlight parade followed the city streets, finishing at the Cathedral.

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Memoriae - 2nd Edition

The initiative, now having reached a second edition, started with the purpose of keeping alive the memory of the Shoah  - especially for the new generations - and, through it, also “memories” which, more than others, have marked humanity’s recent past.

Three sections, one connected to the memory of the Shoah, one to Postmemory and one to other memoirs, were the themes of the event which was held in Naples on the 7th February 2011, at the Filangeri Hall of the TAR of Campania.

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The Bucci sisters visit the Fondazione Mediterraneo

Sisters Tatiana and Andra Bucci, who received the "Totem for Peace" award for the section Memories of the Shoah (as part of the event “Memoriae”) visited the offices of the Fondazione Mediterraneo and were welcomed by  President Michele Capasso.

There was a long and friendly meeting, during which President Capasso “stimulated” the sisters, survivors of the Birkenau camp, to write a book with the voices and the eyes of the two children who lived in a concentration camp for a year, recalling their great joy when a German soldier of the SS, in a rare moment of compassion, offered them a packet of biscuits.

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Solidarity to ALF staff in Alexandria

Following the events occurred during the last few years in Egypt, the National Networks of "Anna Lindh" Foundation, expressed their solidarity to the ALF staff in Alexandria (obliged to evacuate their seat) as well as to all Egyptian people.

The Fondazione Mediterraneo joined this initiative and President Michele Capasso, by a letter addressed to ALF Executive Director Andreu Claret, declared himself ready to host Alexandria staff at FM headquarters in Naples, so that they can go on with their ordinary activities.

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Mediterranea Award "Cinema" 2011 to "Der Kleiner Nazi"

Within the context of the Trieste Film Festival, with which the Fondazione Mediterraneo has been cooperating since 1995, the Mediterranean Cinema Award 2011 was granted to the best short film. 

The winner is DER KLEINE NAZI (THE LITTLE NAZI) by Petra Lüschow, Germany, 2010, 35mm, col., 14’, o.v. German.

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Memoriae: press conference

The press conference for the second edition of Memoriae was held at the Fondazione Mediterraneo offices. The event, planned by the Associazione Libera Italiana (A.L.I.), the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Fondazione Valenzi, had the objective of keeping alive, especially among the younger generations, the memory of the Shoah and, through this, also memories which more than others have marked humanity’s recent past.

At the event, which shall take place on the 7th February from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., in the “Gaetano Filangeri” Hall of the Tribunale Amministrativo Regionale of  Campania, contributions shall be made by:  Diego Guida, Assessor for Heritage for the Commune of Naples, Michele Capasso, President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, Pietro Valente, President of the Associazione Libera Italiana no-profit organisation, Lucia Valenzi, President of the Fondazione Valenzi and Nico Pirozzi, coordinator of the event.

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Assigned 5 Mediterranenan Awards "Medal of Honour" 2009

On the occasion of Yacht Med Festival in Gaeta Fondazione Mediterraneo delivered the "Honoring Medals" 2009 to the following institutions:

The Awards have been assigned to:
Consormare del Golfo
Guardia di Finanza di Gaeta
Camera di Commercio di Latina
Istituto nautico “Giovanni Caboto”
Fausto e Marion Marchi for donating the boat "Megaride–Grande Mediterraneo".

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