Chiamparino and Saitta received the title of "Peace-keeper"

On the occasion of the inaugural ceremony of the Tricolored Totem for Peace by Italian sculptor Mario Molinari, the President of Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso assigned to the Mayor of Turin Sergio Chiamparino and to the President of the Province of Turin Antonio Saitta the title of "Peace-keeper".

The reasons reads: "To Sergio Chiamparino, at the end of his mayoralty, for his efforts in promoting the values of coexistence and solidarity and to the President Saitta for his commitment at the head of the Mediterranean Commission of Arco Latino, supporting important initiatives  or the integration of different cultures and civilizations".

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Companies from North and South of Italy realized together the Tricolored Totem for Peace

Thanks to the synergy between two companies from the NorthAkzo Nobel Sikkens and Scarparo Costruzioni - and two from theSouthSaem srl and Project Stone - it has been possible to realize in only 20 days the monumental work Tricolored Totem for Peace in Turin.

The Mayor of Turin Sergio Chiamparino, the President of the Province of Turin Antonio Saitta and the President of Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso, thanked the representatives of the companies who participated to the opening ceremony of the work, underlining that the cooperation of these companies is an example of the unity of the Country.

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Chiamparino and Saitta express appreciation for the FM

The Mayor of Turin Sergio Chiamparino and the President of the Province of Turin Antonio Saitta expressed deep appreciation for the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the President Michele Capasso.

"Thanks for choosing Turin to realize this symbol of Unity and Peace: it is from almost two decades that the Fondazione Mediterraneo is  an institution of reference for the integration of peoples and cultures, which strongly supports the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership". These are the words that Sergio Chiamparino expressed in recognition of the President Capasso and his action.

President Antonio Saitta recalled the action of Fondazione Mediterraneo for peace and the old partnership with the Province of Turin.

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Tricolored Totem for Peace: finishing touches

On May 4 was opened in Turin the Tricolore Totem for Peace bi sculptor Mario Molinari,on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the Italian Unity. Until the day workers of construction companies worked to complete the work.

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Tricolored Totem for Peace: press conference

Completed in Turin the monumental work by Molinari.

Councillor for Culture and for the 150th Anniversary of the Italian Unity at the Municipality of Turin prof. Fiorenzo Alfieri and the President of Fondazione Mediterraneo prof. Michele Capasso, during a press conference held in Turin, presented the Tricolored Totem for Peace, which will open Wednesday, May 4, 2011, at 18:00, between Corso Lecce and Corso Regina Margherita, on the occasion of the visit of President Giorgio Napolitano.

On this occasion Councillor Alfieri remembered the artistic importance of Mario Molinari, artist known in the world and President Capasso retraced the story of the Totem for Peace and the symbolic value of the Tricolored Totem for Peace in Turin, as a representation of unity for the 150th Anniversary of the Italian Unity.

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Vita Pastorale (EN)

On the issue of May 2011 of the monthly magazine for pastoral operators Vita Pastorale it was published the article by president Michele Capasso titled "Gli uccellini di Re Salomone" on the role of internet in the Mediterranean.

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Yacht Med Festival 2011 (EN)

The Fondazione Mediterraneo - together with the Maison de la Méditerranée, the Maison des Alliances and the Maison de la Paix - sponsored the 2011 Edition of the Yacht Med Festival which took place in Gaeta from 12 to 17 April.

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Erminia Mazzoni visits Fondazione Mediterraneo

Erminia Mazzoni, member of the European Parliament, visited Fondazione Mediterraneo showing appreciation for the high value of the activities realized.

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Sustainable Architecture and Politics for Social Housing

On Friday April the 8th Fondazione Mediterraneo hosted the presentation of the book L'architettura sostenibile e le politiche dell'alloggio sociale (Sustainable Architecture and Politics for Social Housing).

On. Erminia Mazzoni, European Parliament
Prof. Maria Teresa Lucarelli, Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria
Arch. Michele Capasso, President Fondazione Mediterraneo
Dora Francese and Luca Buoninconti, book editors

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Napoli starts again from the sea

Fondazione Mediterraneo participated to the event Napoli riparte dal mare: la Stazione Marittima ieri, oggi e domani.

Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, Arcibishop of Naples
Luciano Dassatti, President of Naples Port Authority
Paolo Graziano, President of Chamber of Industrialist of Naples
Maurizio Maddaloni, Naples Chamber of Commerce President
Sergio Vetrella, Campania Region Transportation Assessor
Nicola Coccia, Terminal Napoli spa President

Luciano Bosso, Journalist

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