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Mediterranean Award for "Media" - 2014
to memory of Simone Camilli
Reporter, ITALY

Tangle of wrongs and passions, of infamy and greatness. A tear in which, in the struggle of a force
against another, the tragically constructed civilization becomes somehow uncertain and sometimes wavering.
And Simone was there at Gaza, a strip of land-prison, without hatred or partisanship, to witness courage and cowardice, examples of compassion or abuses, of generosity and baseness, without prejudice in search of the truth that each fighter distorts. There, to found on that truth a better understanding of both parts, of the suffering of both, to challenge the opposing beliefs
and lay the foundations of a new agreement so as to put an end to hostilities and establish a new, possibly fairer, peace. For this understanding, for this better and more human future, he was there: determined, sparing no pains, without escaping risk.
Without any support, except for the distant support from the newspapers which had entrusted him with a mission more difficult than fighting, almost always more obscure.
There, unarmed among armed people, serene among passions, courageous without boldness, more determined than fighters.
There, always ahead where the battle is raging, convinced and determined.
Until the sacrifice we gather here: a message of Peace we repeat here in his name.

Awarding Ceremnoy
Naples, 29 october 2014

Mediterranean Award for Media - 2013

To Alessio Romenzi (Italy)
War photographer

For having contributed to the dissemination through his images of the truth of events in the tormented Mediterranean region. In particular, his reports from Syria have allowed us to comprehend the extent of the civil war which had become a crime against humanity.
His concise reports represent a historic testimony, in order that we may “Never Forget” such great human tragedies and they serve as an example for those who wish to promote dialogue and peace.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 04 January 2013

Mika Yamamoto - 2012
Giornalista, GIAPPONE

“Per aver sacrificato, a 45 anni, la propria vita – colpita a morte durante uno scontro ad Aleppo tra ribelli e soldati dell’esercito siriano – con lo spirito di informare il mondo sui crimini contro l’umanità affinché queste barbarie vengano impedite in un mondo che si considera civile e sostenitore dei diritti umani e della pace”.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 3 september 2012

Pino Blasi - 2012

Dieci anni al "Mattino", quasi trent'anni alla Rai. Nell'azienda di Stato, per quattordici anni, ha diretto il telegiornale regionale della Campania e, sempre sulla terza rete della Rai, ha curato la vita di cinque settimanali televisivi. Dal 2006, presso l'Università di Salerno, ha la responsabilità dei Corsi della Scuola di Giornalismo che, nei bienni 2006-2008 e 2008-2010, si sono attestati ai primi posti della graduatoria italiana dell'Ordine nazionale dei Giornalisti.

Onestà della notizia, coerenza professionale, limpida etica personale: queste sono in sintesi le direttrici e i segni lungo i quali Blasi cerca di fare crescere i giovani che amano il mondo dell'informazione.

Con la sua azione coniuga professionalità, rigore, competenza e valori etici e umani affinché siano vissuti con gioia dai giovani praticanti, che decisamente aspirano a svolgere, per un possibile migliore futuro, la qualificante e delicata avventura di un moderno e valido giornalismo.

Giornalista, ITALIA

Per aver contribuito a diffondere i valori della cultura e delle religioni dello spazio euromediterraneo quali capisaldi per la libertà di religione e per i diritti umani. In tale contesto si è battuto per un’etica dell’informazione capace di assicurare obiettività di giudizio ed quilibrio nella comunicazione.

Awarding Ceremony

CNN - 2011
Emittente televisiva, USA

Per aver contribuito con la sua rete in tutto il mondo a diffondere gli eventi più significativi della regione euromediterranea, affidando alla tempestività dell’informazione un ruolo essenziale per testimoniare la verità degli accadimenti.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 20 may 2011

Al-Jazeera - 2010
TV Channel, QATAR

It is one of the most important means of communication and information in the world, mainly aiming at promoting fair information between the Arab and Western Worlds. By news and comments not subject to particular interests, in the global complexity of the events, it has always tried to find their causes, with the aim to give rise to an independent and mature reflection.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 13 June 2010

La Vanguardia - 2010
Newspaper, SPAIN

For spreading, with balance and precision, information about the main issues and problems of the Euro-Mediterranean area and for supporting the project of the Union for the Mediterranean contributing, by an accurate and objective analysis, to the designation of Barcelona as headquarters of the Coordination Secretariat.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 13 June 2010

El Pais - 2009
Newspaper, SPAIN

El Pais is a newspaper animated by political, human and social passions and it is involved, since its birth, in reporting global news. Spreading information and comments, especially on the Euro‑Mediterranean region, El Pais goes beyond the facts, searching for their causes and effects.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 13 June 2010

Il Denaro - 2008
Newspaper, ITALY

For its role of constant involvement in economic political and cultural information in the Euro-Mediterranean context. Media partner of the association Europa Mediterranea, through special pages and in collaboration with the main press agencies – such as Ansamed – Il Denaro has become a leader as to the events occurring in the Greater Mediterranean, embodying the values of discussion, dialogue and interaction among cultures. By its action, it contributed to make Naples a nodal Euro-Mediterranean reference centre, by disseminating – with objectivity and precision – news and through reportages about the Countries of the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 19 February 2009

Ibrahim El Moallem - 2007
Publisher, EGYPT

He has a role of constant guide in the Arab World spreading the principles of freedom and equality through the publishing of thousands of writings which gave visibility to a thousand voices of the South Shore. From Naguib Mahfouz to Alaa Al-Aswani, the more significant writers of the Arab World found in Ibrahim El Moallem a channel of information through which it was possible to diffuse in the Arab World and all around the World frescos of lives which emphasized affinities among different cultures, contributing to a real knowledge and a mutual respect.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 19 February 2009

Al-Hayat - 2006
Newspaper, LEBANON

This Pan‑Arab newspaper deals with current problems and underlines the importance of dialogue and mutual understanding. It deeply analyzes and spreads news witnessing how the Arab-Muslim world changes. It also considers culture to be an important and indispensable instrument to bring societies together.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 3 April 2006

Le Monde Diplomatique - 2005
Newspaper, FRANCE

Monthly magazine motivated by human and social emotions, yet with an open mind, “Le Monde Diplomatique” has for half a century, by news and comments not subject to partisan interests, sought to report the causes and forces that direct and drive political events. Its action has provoked an independent reflection, making it a leader in mutual understanding, justice and peace.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 24 October 2005

Ansamed - 2005
Press Agency, ITALY

It is playing an essential role – with timeliness, completeness and reliability – in the field of Euro-Mediterranean information with the aim of re-launching and spreading a positive image of the Mediterranean, an area of opportunities and development with roots in a millenary history of relationships and exchanges, as well as with the aim of combating the stereotype of a region characterized by political and social tensions and constantly threatened by terrorism. Moreover, it has undertaken an initiative which, starting from the heritage of experiences and relations of the most important Italian Press Agency, wishes to be the point of encounter and reference for all those who work, at the political, economic, social and cultural level, believing in the possibility to develop a dialogue and a mutual knowledge among the Countries of the region in view of an increasingly close and profitable Integration.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 24 October 2005


Al-Bayane - 2004
Newspaper, MOROCCO

Journalism is a constant, difficult and quite often risky commitment but it is an essential instrument for the development of a democratic society. The Award to “Al Bayane” is meant to emphasize the activity of this great journal in a moment of transition involving all Islamic societies, among which Moroccan society represents one of the most delicate points of passage. In the alternation of Governments – wanted by H.M. Hassan II as an essential mark of the democratisation process – “Al Bayane”, with its political director Ismail Alaoui, has contributed and still contributes to spread the values of dialogue and peace.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 25 October 2004

"Mediterraneo" - 2003
Weekly TV Programme TG3-RAI, ITALY

Manifold instruments are needed to support the dialogue among Mediterranean peoples, among which communication is undoubtedly one of the most important. The prize awarded to the weekly TV programme Mediteranneo produced by the RAI editorial office of Palermo, is a symbol of the acknowledgment for a press group that has been trying to meet this need for more than ten years, acting in favour of dialogue and Euro-Mediterranean communication and answering to the appeal for peace in former Yugoslavia launched by the Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo since 1994. Today it is the only weekly TV programme, not just Italian, allowing to watch simultaneously, in a cost-effective and creative way, the RAI, France 3 and, since last February, the Spanish TV RTve. It is broadcast in 11 countries of the Mediterranean Basin and Latin America. Its editorial staff started to produce news services and reports almost two years ago for Rai Med, the only satellite channel, both in Italian and Arabic, watched in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Giancarlo Licata is responsible for both initiatives originated and developed within the Testata Giornalistica Regionale, which has been capable of seizing the importance of dialogue among peoples and the different press teams better than any other national media.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 14 March 2003

Vittorio Nisticò - 2002
Journalist, ITALY

Journalism follows and tells everyday and historical events. It is rare for a newspaper to enter history becoming an Integral part of It. This is the case of “L’Ora”, prestigious newspaper of Palermo and Italy, during the long season when it was directed by Vittorio Nisticò. It is an example in the history of Italian and Mediterranean journalism. By his recent book “It happened in Sicily: the roaring years of Palermo newspaper ‘L’Ora’“, published by Sellerio, Nisticò reports on crucial events in Sicily as well as on the story of the newspaper and of its extraordinary community of journalists trained with Integrity and courage and with a hunger for the truth.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 4 January 2002

El Mundo - 2002
Newspaper, SPAIN

Journalism has become an essential need to us. It involves, among other things, effort and sacrifice. Sometimes sacrifice goes to the extreme and deserves our deepest appreciation. This Award to “El Mundo” is the expression of our acknowledgment to a newspaper which, through the recent sacrifice of Julio Fuentes, has demonstrated how difficult it is to satisfy a priority need of our world: to be informed, which means above all awareness in transparency.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 4 January 2002

Corriere della Sera - 2002
Newspaper, ITALY

Following the tradition of journalists like Albertini, the Corriere della Sera has been able to maintain a balanced stance among opposing passions and ideologies so as to represent the events in a more objective light which not only helps to better understand such events but also to make a constructive reflection on them. To achieve this aim, correspondents have travelled across the world, sometimes without coming back, and a great contribution has also been given by the editorial staff with its constant, patient, unanimous and anonymous work.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 4 January 2002