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Civil Society

Mediterranean Award for “Civil Society” - 2014
a Yadh Ben Achour

As a Tunisian constitutionalist and jurist Yahd Ben Achour has been committed to bending the Tunisian law to the needs of the civil society. In his role as President of the Democratic Reformation Board, Yahd Ben Achour is endorsing the motions geared to fulfill the goals carried out by the Tunisian revolution for the political reformation and the transition to democracy.

Awarding Ceremony

Mediterranean Award for “Civil Society” - 2014
to Emergency (Life Support for Civilian War Victims - ONLUS)
Director Gino Strada, ITALY

For his invaluable action in various parts of the world, and especially in the Mediterranean and in the Middle East, For his aid and support to the civilian victims of war.
The ubiquity and quality of the hospitals and places of care and treatment made by Gino Strada and Emergency – even in desperate conditions – represents a rare example of a choral action for the humanity and against the barbarity of war that still bloodshed in the world today.
Further credit must go to Emergency Aid to the poor and needy of Italy and other countries, through the creation of clinics and reference sites for free medical cares.

Awarding Ceremony

Mediterranean Award for Civil Society
to General Union of Cultural Centers

For having contributed to integration and cooperation among young people in Palestine and other countries by undertaking precise actions to restore dignity and prestige to Palestine, as well as giving hope to young people for a future with peace, solidarity and mutual respect. Undertaking careful reforms for the inclusion of young Palestinians is just one concrete example of good practice.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 04 April 2013

Mediterranean Award for Civil Society - 2012
to Youth Resource Centre (ORC) Tuzla
Miralem Tursinovic' - Director

For having contributed to the integration and cooperation between young people in the former Yugoslav Republics, thanks to an careful and impartial historical interpretation of the recent war and joint projects for integration and partnership with youths and networks of young people involved in Civil Society initiatives in Euro.-Mediterranean countries.

Awarding Ceremony

Cipro, 10 november 2012

Abdelmaksoud Rachdi - 2010
President of the Euromed NGO Platform, MOROCCO

For his involvment and his action in promoting the role of civil society in the decision‑making processes within the Euro‑Mediterranean area. The Euromed NGO platform he presides constitutes the reference to gather and enhance th main actors of the Euro‑Mediterranean Civil Society.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 13 June 2010